Watermakers and seawater desalinators - Made in Germany

AQUAGIV watermakers is your reliable specialist for watermakers (desalination plants). We provide watermakers for yachts, watermakers for mega yachts and watermakers for commercial vessels, as well as watermakers for domestic and industrial applications. The capacity of our standard watermakers is between 30 and 550 liters per hour. On customer request, watermakers with capacities up to 3,000 liters per hour available.

Since 2007 AQUAGIV watermakers focuses on developing high-quality watermakers (seawater desalination plants) with hundreds of delivered systems. While in product management and marketing an international approach is taken with a growing network of dealers, the product development and assembling of watermakers is made ​​in Germany.

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Besides the AQUAGIV watermakers, we offer a range of complementary products for water treatment: emergency equipment by Katadyn watermakers, water filters, reverse osmosis for households and businesses, as well as cleaning equipment for yachts, cleaning and solar facades.


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